Monday, 9 September 2013

About me.

So here it is. The Country Bumpkin Diary. 

A little about me. 

I am Steph Greaves, Equine Artist extraordinare (haha), Mother of 4, Wife of Michael. 
I would describe myself as... a country loving, art loving, food loving, short, chatterbox! I love amateur photography and am surgically attached to my Canon. The six of us live on a thoroughbred breeding stud in Newmarket, Suffok where Michael works. 
Its a beautiful environment for us to bring up our family and we share our home with 3 dogs, (a huge beautiful GSD, a mental Jack Russell, and an ageing Springer Spaniel). Not forgetting our black cat Annabel, the fierce mouse hunter, and total fleabag. We also own a lovely old veteran Bay New Forest pony Charlie and look after a black Irish cob and a Grey Welsh Pony. My Daughter Jess is the keen rider, I am the classic happy hacker! 

This blog is about my art, my animals, life on a stud, and possibly even the trials of being a Parent!

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