Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Morning World! Well I think its safe to say that Summer is finally ending, a definite autumnal feel to today. Brr.

After dropping my 17 yr old Son off to the bus station on his first day at College - amazing how fast they grow up! - & I was debating on whether to shop, ride or paint this morning, the builder turned up to fit new windows. Enter the chaos of dust sheets and demolition. Ah well. We have only been here a few weeks and its been a bit chaotic having the bungalow updated so I am looking forward to this last bit being done.

Have booked in two photoshoots for Art commissions this week,  am looking forward to them! The first, a returning client for her 3rd portrait, which will most likely be a coloured pencil head study. Been a while since I completed one of those so that will be a nice change from acrylics. The other is a very exciting large painting of three horses and a labrador. I think that the composition may be a challenge but I really look forward to it!

In the meantime, - if I actually get to the studio today - I am painting a close up of a mares head, a lovely commission based on my own photographs which is a beautiful project. To say Im enjoying it is n understatement! Really struggled to put it down yesterday, in fact the church bell just outside was chiming 3pm (school pick up time!) Before I had even washed my brushes. Whoops. Good job youngest is used to it and the studio is very close to school!

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