Wednesday, 18 September 2013

An arty kind of day

Just got back from walking my dogs across the paddocks. It was one of those evenings where I could have just stood and appreciated the quiet stillness. A distinct chill is in the air though! Enough to keep me moving anyway.
To my left, a full moon. So bright and clear today I wished I had the right filters on my Canon to do evening/night photography. The detail was incredible! It was so bright that I had a moonlight shadow. To the right, the sun setting over Newmarket. Not a particularly fantastic one but kind of pretty all the same. I love the quiet of the dogs and I after a typically busy day, just 20 mins is enough to take a proper deep breath! This evenings quiet though is interrupted by the muntjack deer barking away (probably on high alert because of the dog pack!)
It occured to me also, that once the weather turns, there is nothing more inviting after a walk than the yellow glow of warmth coming from the bungalow! Brr.
Anyway Im waffling. Am home now, & the dogs are all snoring in a pile. Result.

(I only had my rubbish phone camera, but just to set the scene! lol) 

It has been a busy day in the studio today. I have now finished my latest project, a commissioned painting for a lovely lady who wanted something with a close up of a horses expression. 
The finished piece is called 'Enchantment' and we are both really pleased with the result. 
Hope you all like it. Sorry for the water mark but you can't be too careful! It can be seen on my facebook art page too though. 

Next up, a couple more commissions and a foal painting. :) Watch this space.

Laters all!

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