Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th...

Hmmm. I'm not superstitious but today has been fraught with mishaps!

Started well enough, all kids ready for school calmly and on time for a change, the window fitter had arrived and was cracking into the final touches. I keep the dogs shut away whilst the work is going on, My Gsd Kobi tends to be wary of strange men, plus the fact that Alfie the Jack Russell has a mind of his own and will trip off out of any open door....
(the offending pair...)

Anyway, somehow the kitchen door was left open and they all come bounding in. Kobi takes one look at the builder and sets off with the whole nine yards of barking, hackles up like a bog brush. Typical GSD behaviour, there a strange man in the lounge, & its my house, get out! I shushed him, and that was fine. The builder keeps Rotties so is well used to big dogs. The grumbling lessons a bit, and Kobi sets to investigating the strangers trousers. He gives one more half hearted woof, and the fella decides to look him in the face and go "woo-wooo-wooof". LOL. The words red, rag, and bull spring to mind. All hell breaks loose. The dog launches at him, full pelt barking, he swings a chair between them and I fall over my poor old springer in my attempt to grab Kobi.
Mayhem! Put the big two dogs back in the kitchen whilst apologising profusely... he didn't bite, it was all noise...In the meantime, the Jack Russell in his frenzy of excitement, tears up the builders cardboard box full of rubbish and tips it all over the floor.
*deep breath and count to ten*

After recovering myself and walking child #4 (Munchkin) to school - just made the door before it closed for registration (story of my life) I decide to check on the ponies. No drama there, other than little Jack pacing like a crazy horse to get out of his small enclosure into the paddock. Thankful that a check was all that was necessary I make my way to the studio in the drizzle.
The following 4 hours painting with a swift lunch break for a bagel with Mike (who is super busy with yearling prep - more about that another day ) was an absolute nightmare. Who would have thought that the most difficult thing about painting this...

Would be that pesky brass buckle at the noseband. The bell on the church tolls 3pm, and once more, I resemble a paint streaked, stressy, mess after the same buckle has been painted at least 12 times. Now, there is nothing worse for an artist (in my opinion), than leaving a painting mid-crisis, and unresolved. However parenting comes first and taking a headache from hell with me, I trundle down the road to collect Munchkin from class. 

Thanks to a lovely friend, Munchkin goes to the park for an hour. I *watch* escape to the Country with my eyes closed. As you do. 

#3 and #2 arrive home as does Mike, so I put the kettle on. The dogs are in the garden and all of a sudden, all Hell breaks loose for the second time. Someone strolls into the garden with a basket full of home grown veg. Not thinking twice about the dogs being loose. Strangers in the garden + Kobi on full alert = disaster. 
Despite my going out with some loud but ineffective attempt at controlling wild beast, he still manages to fly past visitor and give him a little nip on his bum. OMG. 
*Deep breath and count to 20*

After discussion on behaviour of naughty dog over coffee, catching up with Jess who was riding jack, and the yard duties, I finally prepare late tea for hungry family.

Half an hour into cooking I realise the cooker is on the wrong setting and the food is still raw......


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