Monday, 16 September 2013

Painting and ponies

Monday. Much as I love weekends, I am always glad to get back to work on Mondays!

Moving the ponies about yet again was my priority today though, (Paddock trashers!)  but first decided on a hack with  my two lovely friends and their coloured cobs. Charlie (my NF pony) shared a yard with these two until recently, and he misses them. The ears here tell the tale I think, he has just spotted them hacking to meet us! There was a lovely whinny of greeting too. Sweet. I haven't had the time (or, truth be told, the motivation!) to hack as much as I used to recently so I really enjoyed it.

Back at the yard, I had to put the two larger ponies on to lush Autumn grazing. I am keeping everything crossed that Charlie doesn't colic again, he does go a bit mad for the first few hours. Tried to get them to lift their heads and say *cheese*, but this is the reaction I got. I do believe in pony language this means "There is grass, Kiss my A***."

In the meantime, poor lil Jack has to wear the grazing muzzle. This is actually a horrendous device designed to torture greedy little ponies. Or so Jack tried to tell me, rather vocally! He was unimpressed, but unfortunately the pain of Laminitis is far worse than the inconvenience of this 'diet' device. A bit of tough love. :(

Finally managed to get an hour or two in the studio this afternoon. My painting is really coming along now, I am LOVING it. I wont share it properly until its done and approved by the client, but I cant help giving you all a sneaky peek at it ! 

Happy Monday! 

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